A hand up clothing room


If you are interested in donating clothing, please be sure that the articles are washed and gently used before dropping them off.  

We do NOT accept toys, books or household items, we are not equipped for those, clothes, shoes and bedding only.  Please see the Resource Thrift store, or other thrift stores for those donations. 

You can deliver clothing during A Hand Up's regular hours at 31 Frederick Street, Tuesdays 1-3pm or Fridays 6-8 or when the Connection Centre is open for other events. 

If you are unable during open hours, you can also drop off donations at Bradford Baptist Church (10th side road, just North of the soccer dome) but please contact us first as this is only for extenuating circumstances, either through our Facebook page or at 416-697-0147.  

BBC is open Tuesday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

**Please do not leave bags of clothing outside the doors if the building is closed, they end up being ruined. Thank you for your help with this.**


To use the Clothing Room, one simply has to be referred by an individual or agency. 

Currently all of our local churches, local social service agencies (CAS, CAPC, Canadian Mental Health, Early Years, Centre, New Path etc) food bank and Town of Bradford, have referral cards.

You will be able to access the room on a weekly basis with limits of items per family members. Should you need to contact us regarding referring someone to A Hand Up, please call Patti at: 416-697-0147 or email us at: ahandup@ctministries.ca

Christmas wish List 2019


Everyone has been adopted on our 2019 Wishlist!!  We will be hosting all our friends for dinner on December 8th where they will get their gifts!  Thank you to everyone who adopted someone in need in our community this year!  

The Wish List Dinner was a huge success.  Thank you to everyone who gave, who served and who prayed for our friends.  The Lord provided perfectly and many will be able to celebrate Christmas a little happier this year.