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Training For Life (TFL) TFL is a teaching and discipleship ministry that gives people the opportunity to serve as they develop their vision, and spiritual life. TFL is involved with camp ministry, music ministry, retreats and speaking engagements throughout the USA and Canada, as well as mentoring at home in Bradford, ON.

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Finished high school or college and trying to figure out what’s next? Do you want to experience some crazy adventures and go deeper in your relationship with the Lord? Training For Life (TFL) is a ministry of CrossTrainers Canada that focuses on discipling girls aged 17-24 and providing them leadership development with a variety of ministry and life experiences, as well as Biblical training in the physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

Our program includes ministry opportunities with kids, youth, and adults. Interns will be living within the Bradford community, as well as travelling to a number of locations across Canada and the United States.

. Teaching curriculum will focus on 4 main areas: spiritual, emotional, relational and physical aspects of life. As well, interns will have a unique opportunity to experience a variety of ministry settings and interact with all kinds of people! 

Interns will be living in a home with some of the trainers and fellow interns, providing a unique setting in which to learn and grow. CrossWalk: a leadership development program.

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Part 1: October 13 - December 14

Cost: $2250.00

This 2 month program is a foundational one that lays the ground work for stepping into leadership rolls in any organization.

Part 2: January 5 - June 1

Cost: $3750.00

This 5 month program is focused on developing skills and gifts in leadership, as well as growing areas of weaknesses to create better leaders.

Outdoor Education: June 1 - August 15

Cost: $1500.00

This Outdoor Education program takes the leadership skills and puts them in to practice in some trying situations: hiking the Grand Canyon, camping and hiking in Washington State, Jasper Alberta, Muskoka, ON, Yellowstone National Park, and New Hampshire..

 *tuition is non-refundable after October start. (We can make arrangments so that fees can be paid in monthly installments, talk to us if you need financial help.)

Location: 4150 8th Line, Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A5

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Email if you'd like any more information:  *Deadline for 2019/20, Part 1 program is September 1, 2019   

Summer camps

Summer Camp Experience is a big part or our discipleship program.  You will get to hike and camp in some incredible locations on our way to and from weeks of camps all across the United States and Canada.

Summer 2019 Schedule:

June 16 - Verdugo Pines Girls Camp, Wrightwood, CA

June 23 - Lakeside Bible Camp, Clinton, WA

July 14 - Galilee Bible Camp, Ottawa, ON

July 21 - Berea, Hebron, NH

July 28 - Maranatha, New Durham, NH

Aug 4 - Ontario Pioneer Camp, Port Sydney, ON

Aug 10 - Joy Bible Camp, Bancroft, ON