True Vibe

True Vibe, is an outreach to women in the Bradford, Newmarket and Barrie communities. 

This ministry's heart is to see people connected to the life giving power found in the love of Jesus Christ. As people who have experienced His love first hand, our desire is to share that same love with others. This includes coordinating life-changing studies in God’s Word. It also includes providing information on various ladies’ activities and conferences that will allow women to connect together as they grow and learn about the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Fall study group

We are a group of women who volunteer within the CT Ministry

our churches

our community

and our families.

We have yet to choose what we will be studying next but if you want to stay informed...

To register, please email

Cost is your own purchase of the work book, which you can find on or any other bookseller

Each week you will get a link to your

small group meeting via Zoom online.