A Hand UP Christmas Wishlist 2022

Thank you to everyone who has adopted someone in our community this year!  We have officially adopted everyone on the list!

Any further donations will go towards the regular program that A Hand Up Clothing Room runs all year long!  Check back after Dec 4th to see some updates from our event!

(If you don't have time to shop but still want to support, you can go to our donate page and donate online.  Just note your donation is for the Wish List.)

Step 1. Click on the picture at the bottom of the page to view the Wishlist

Step 2. Choose an individual or several who you would like to adopt.  Write their number(s) down so you don't forget

Step 3. Send an email to christmaswishlist21@gmail.com with the individual(s) you'd like to adopt.

Step 4. When you hear back from our team confirmation that those individual(s) are available - Go Shopping!! We ask clients to provide 3 wishes to give you flexibility, you are not expected to buy everything on their list.

Step 5.  Wrap your gift(s) and put your adopted folks' name and number on the gift.

Step 6. Drop off your gift at our drop off location before Thursday Dec 1 @5pm

MIMPA (Music in Motion Preforming Arts)

150 Artesian Industrial Pkwy, Unit 6, Bradford

Hours: Monday-Friday: 4pm-9pm

Saturday: 10am-3pm

Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

Step 7. Check out our Website after Dec 4th when we give out the gifts and provide our families with Christmas Dinner!

Thank you for caring for others this season!

christmas wish list 2021 Memories


to everyone who adopted someone on the list this year! All our friends were adopted!

We had 148 individuals on the list this year, that's double 2020, and everyone was cared for, thank you for making our community an incredible place to live!

On December 5th we hosted a "take-out" Christmas dinner where our friends picked up their gifts and had a full Christmas dinner to take home. 

Thanks to Rielly's No Frills, Zehres Bradford, and Sobeys Bradford who provided all our food for the dinner plus the team that put the meal together and the servant hearts that put it into the hands of our neighbours!

Our friends wanted to say thank you too, so we made up a

giant card that is on display.

Have a very Merry Christmas!